Between the holidays and a tough economic year, your wallet may feel like it’s taken a beating. Here are some tips for restoring your budget this year.

If you have the cash to pay off the debt you accrued late last year, pay it off. Don’t let the interest credit card companies charge creep up on you, especially if you can afford not to.

Call it a day with credit cards and commit to cash. Use cash or debit for your everyday purchases until you are able to pay down the credit card debt.

Commit your realistic spending and saving goals to paper. You’ll find it much easier to get back on track. And you can give yourself an incentive or something to look forward to once you’ve reached your desired goals.

Make a list and check it twice. Review the list of people you bought gifts for and see if the purchase was indeed necessary. While giving is a kind gesture, you may be able to spend less next year yet give more with things like homemade goodies or offers to babysit.

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