Brian Damiani, President of Pleasanton North Rotary and Owner of Wealth Management Associates, serves as emcee of A Starry Night.

Check out this press release from Pleasanton North Rotary announcing the funds raised from A Starry Night – an event in which Wealth Management Associates served as a major sponsor:

Pleasanton North Rotary is pleased to announce that its 22nd annual A Starry Night event raised more than $150,000, bringing the 22 year fundraising total to more than $2 million.  The funds raised from the event will be used to continue Pleasanton North Rotary’s partnership with The School of Imagination & Happy Talkers and The Wheelchair Foundation, while also supporting other community programs and organizations through the Pleasanton North Rotary’s annual partnerships.

A Starry Night represents one of the many ways in which Pleasanton North Rotary gives back to the communities we serve,” said Brian Damiani, CFP®, president of the Pleasanton North Rotary and owner of Pleasanton-based Wealth Management Associates.  “Even in the midst of an economic downturn, our sponsors renewed their partnership with A Starry Night, enabling us to continue our strong commitment to The School of Imagination & Happy Talkers, The Wheelchair Foundation and so many other community outreach programs supported through Pleasanton North Rotary.”

“I believe the success of this year’s event is proof, once again, that when people work together – even in tough times – great things can be achieved,” said Bill Wheeler, event co-chair and chief executive officer of Black Tie Transportation.  “We are truly grateful for the generosity of our community friends.”

More than 320 local residents, Tri-Valley leaders and business executives attended A Starry Night held on Saturday, September 11.  Thanks to attendees as well as major sponsors including Black Tie Transportation, Wealth Management Associates, Borg Fences and more, Pleasanton North Rotary raised $151,000.  Plus, thanks to the attendees’ generosity, a total of 343 wheelchairs each valued at $150, for a total value of $51,450, will be delivered by Pleasanton North Rotary members this winter.

“Pleasanton North Rotary, Black Tie Transportation and Wealth Management Associates, as well as the generosity of all those who attended our fine event, are a classic example of the benefits that can be achieved through a public-private partnership that works together to improve the lives of those in our community,” said Mitch Signman, co-founder of The School of Imagination & Happy Talkers  “Thanks to Pleasanton North Rotary’s ongoing support, we will be able to continue to expand on our capabilities and accommodate the growing demand in our community to help families and children in need.  It is a heart-warming display and such a proud moment for us all.”

A Starry Night is one of several fundraisers that the Pleasanton North Rotary supports annually.  This summer alone, the non-profit organization supported Relay for Life, The Taylor Family Foundation and spearheaded a fundraiser for local resident and baseball coach, Robert Harrison, who is suffering from a rare form of liver disease.  In a four hour evening, the Pleasanton North Rotary raised more than $4,400 to help pay for a portion of Harrison’s growing medical expenses.

Next Pleasanton North Rotary will be undertaking its biggest fundraiser of the year, Ball At the Mall.  This event is a major fundraiser slated for New Year’s Eve and is expected to draw up to 2,000 people at Stoneridge Mall.  Ball at the Mall will benefit Pleasanton Partners in Education, Dublin Partners in Education, The School of Imagination & Happy Talkers and Axis Community Health.

For more information about The School of Imagination & Happy Talkers, visit For more information about The Wheelchair Foundation, visit  For more information or to purchase tickets for the New Year’s Eve Ball at the Mall, visit